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Rekindle Photo and Video is a forward thinking, fast to respond, personal touch commercial and stock photographic and video company. An outstanding blend of creativity, vision, style, and bold imagery describes Don Despain's works of art. Don is a master at seeing beyond the seen and obvious. His ability to see beyond the norm and the use of dimension and space sets his work apart from the competition.

Don is ready for worldwide assignment to cover notable public figures, national and international news, trends, wildlife and nature. Much of Don's work has been published in many popular magazines and Websites.

Don's photographs and videos have been used in thousands of commercial ventures as well as home, offices and businesses. His clients have included National Geographic, DreamWorks Studio, Disney, Discovery Channel, Utah Dental Association, London Financial Times, Saab Motor,  and many more prestigious companies.

View Don's portfolio including photos and videos are from many different countries and you will understand why he is in such high demand!


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